Makin’ Bacon 3 Videos

After going through what some would call a flood, I made it out to Liberty for the 2016 Makin’ Bacon Machine Gun Shoot benefiting the NFAFA.  This was my first year shooting videos after I was asked by several friends to do so. I have used my camera very little for video and the light could have been better for a novice with a DSLR…

Anyways, here are my Videos via my YouTube Channel. Please enjoy.

Fording County Road 149 on our exit

Glenn Slaven from ESG Gunworks with an AC556 Machine Gun

Taylor Pickerell from Integral Arms brought put their Hotchkiss .50 Machine Gun(brutal with the brake)

Alkys Defense’s Ma Duece .50 cal Machine gun

UZI Machine Gun


ESG Gunworks Cemte Machine Gun


ESG Gunworks Sten Integrally Suppressed Machine Gun




TCH Firearms QC10 Machine Gun


Todd Rathner of the NFAFA talking about the first Honorary Lifetime Membership


ESG Gunworks P90 Machine Gun


Sam Scow and his M2 Machine Gun


Sean Cody’s M16


ESG Gunworks RPD Machine Gun


Full Auto Glock


Mad Minute

Van on Fire



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