As a Licensed Texas Attorney, I work with Texas clients to ascertain their needs and goals in creating or amending revocable trusts for the purpose of purchasing, possessing, or transferring Title II, or NFA items, such as Machine Guns, Silencers, Short-Barreled Rifles or Shotguns, and AOWs.

I provide statewide services custom-tailored to your particular needs without the need for an office visit. Please complete the contact form if you are interested in my services.


Legal fees for the preparation of an NFA trust and the accompanying documentation is $400.

Once I receive a signed attorney/client agreement, I will review your information and will consult with you regarding your specific needs. After we are both certain of your needs and wishes, I prepare the trust and deliver through e-mail.

Start the Process:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an NFA gun trust, please contact me and I will follow up for a consultation.

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